5 SUCCESSFUL child models from Russia (PHOTOS)

Alisa Samsonova
Some children are taking the fashion world by storm and signing contracts with the biggest names in the business, while still barely of school age. Meanwhile, the barrage of online criticism about stolen childhoods continues.

1. Kristina Pimenova

“The most beautiful girl in the world” is the quote the Daily Mail used to describe Kristina Pimenova in 2014 and the label stuck. 

Kristina was born in 2005 into the family of soccer player Ruslan Pimenov. The girl with the big blue eyes has had her characteristic and unique looks since early childhood, which always had people in the street stopping to ask the mother if Kristina was a young model. 

Her mother finally had the idea to send her daughter’s photos to modeling agencies and, as a result, Kristina began shooting for Burberry, Prada and other major fashion brands. 

The young girl got into rhythmic gymnastics and had some success, but sports was not her thing, so she chose modeling - while also managing to snag a small part in a movie. 

2. Anna Pavaga

Anna had her first photo shoot at just three years old and, by age nine, she was already the face of Chloé magazine! 

Anna was born in 2009 in St. Petersburg and, by age 12, was already working with the likes of Givenchy, Little Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared and DKNY. Her face has also graced the covers of Elle, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar and numerous other magazines that have repeatedly referred to her as the most sought-after teenunder-18 model in Russia.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother claims that she’s leading an “ordinary” little girl’s lifestyle and does not let the fame go to her head. In 2021, Anya also enrolled in the prestigious Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. 

3. Alisa Samsonova

When the Siberian Alisa was only nine years old, she became the face of the Armani Junior and Monnalisa children’s lines. 

Alisa Samsonova was born in Krasnoyarsk in 2007. Her parents weren’t planning on making a supermodel out of the little girl, with Alisa doing rhythmic gymnastics and studying at an ordinary school. 

One day, her father saw an ad for a children’s beauty pageant and thought - why not. Alisa won first prize and received an invitation to a photoshoot. The following year, she won the Little Top Model of Russia title. 

Young Alisa then got her own portfolio and began receiving ever more invitations to fashion shoots - not just in Russia, but Italy, as well. 

Despite her busy schedule, Alisa’s father claims that photoshoots feel more like a vacation to her - she enjoys the work even during her free time and actual holidays. 

4. Violetta Antonova

“The girl with the face of an angel” was how the media referred to the eight year-old blonde girl with blue eyes. 

Violetta was born in 2014. As soon as she learned how to walk, it would seem, she was already conquering Moscow Fashion Weeks. Today, she takes part in commercial photoshoots for brands from all over the world. 

Violetta’s mother also followed the modeling path as a child, but didn’t make any serious waves. Today, however, she often appears in the photos alongside her daughter. 

Violetta’s older brother Dmitry also takes part in the photoshoots. Like his sister, he has blue eyes and blonde hair. But, unlike Violetta, he claims that modeling isn’t the number one priority in his life - his studies are. 

5. Anastasia Bezrukova

In 2014, Bezrukova began to be considered a rival to Kristina Pimenova - the aforementioned “most beautiful girl”. 

At age 10, Anastasia already managed to land the covers of Italian Vogue Bambini, as well as star in ads for Benetton, Pinko and Moschino. 

The young woman was born in 2004 in Moscow. Having acquired fame as a result of a busy modeling career, Anastasia received an invitation to star in movies. This got her main roles in two movies, both of which had famous actor Sergey Bezrukov playing the father (Despite rumors, in real life, Bezrukov merely shares the same last name as Anastasia).

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