7 young Russian fashion designers to follow (PHOTOS)

Studio 29
Russian designers are part of the global mainstream but also add national color and original flare.

1. Sasha Gapanovich

Sasha Gapanovich from the city of Murmansk in the Arctic region describes her clothing as "women's clothing from the Far North". Her cozy outfits are suited to cold weather - she uses a lot of wool and hand-knitted fabric, and is inspired by Russian motifs and vintage designs.

Her collections are photographed against the background of the harsh northern landscapes with its stark and stunning beauty; for example, in Teriberka, an atmospheric Arctic village in the Murmansk Region where Andrei Zvyagintsev's cult movie "Leviathan" was filmed. 


2. Coshè

Svetlana Coshè founded her clothing brand and luxury atelier in 2015. She has many leather items in her collections. Leather also features as a detail on a variety of clothing - as trims on dresses, jackets, linen suits or, for instance, on a classic trench coat.

The brand also makes expensive natural fur coats because they are still an essential item of clothing for the cold Russian winter. Coshè also has her own line of accessories -  baseball caps, leather bags and ties.


3. White Crow

This brand’s core concept is street-style clothes inspired by a Japanese aesthetic. T-shirts, shopper bags, sweatshirts and hoodies - White Crow has simple shapes, understated colors and fabrics with pronounced textures. 

The brand’s creators, designers Nata and Anton, emphasize comfort and minimalism, as well as small experiments with form; for example, kimono-style jumpsuits and wrap trousers that seem a perfectly affordable and stylish option for every day.

Also, at its Moscow production facility, the brand helps corporations create their own stylish merchandise. 



EQ.ONA brand clothes are always about femininity and elegance, and a silhouette that emphasizes the figure. The philosophy of the women who founded the brand is based on the image of a confident and independent woman who knows and appreciates quality.

It is particularly worth noting their trademark trench coats with unusual prints, and also the alpaca and cashmere overcoats that the designers say are suitable even for the cold Russian winter.

One of the latest collections, "Mystery of the East", was inspired by Chinese and Japanese watercolors and designs.



This young brand from Moscow makes rebellious punk-style street clothes. The palette is principally black and white, with the addition of khaki colors.

Although the range is small, catering for different street-style looks: Hoodies, T-shirts with provocative slogans, cargo pants, bomber jackets, shoulder-revealing dresses and even sneakers.

One of its latest "specialties" is a "privacy mask" which completely covers the face. The designers say that the material allows the wearer to see and breathe while keeping their face out of view.


6. Osipova Dasha

Darya Osipova has been designing clothes for "grown-up girls" since 2016. She uses deliberately bright colors and girlish prints with flowers and butterflies.

The cut of her designs is frequently simple - and trendy. They include an oversize pajama outfit with shorts, and loose-fitting hoodie dresses with bodices on top.

Darya is not just a designer, but also an illustrator. She describes her brand's clothes as "comfortable and genuinely individual things", while the colorful prints and their naïf manner are intended to subvert all the rules and "counter everyday drabness".

7. Studio 29

This is a completely new clothing brand from Siberian-born Tanya Fomicheva, who comes originally from a small village in the Irkutsk Region.

Studio 29 offers a lot of basic designs in neutral colors, but there are also bold, vibrant hues and vivid prints and patterns. Trouser suits and cotton shirts for any look are the specialty and trademark of the brand.

Fomicheva is inspired by the countryside of her native region. For instance, the prints from her new collection, "The View from Above", allude to the landscapes that can be seen from an airplane window over Siberia: A mosaic of fields and villages, tree tops, the contours of mountains and the winding lines of river courses.


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