A medical train brings care & medicine hard-to-reach areas of Siberia

Russian Railways
In small, remote settlements that are hundreds of kilometers from cities, locals can still get up-to-date medical care... right on a train!

The ‘Dr. Voyno-Yasenetsky’ (‘St. Luke’) train runs along the railroads of Krasnoyarsk Territory, on which you can undergo an examination, take medical tests, X-rays, ultrasounds and even visit a dentist.

Appointments are free of charge under the compulsory medical insurance policy, as in other, regular clinics in the country. The only difference is that this "clinic" arrives in a remote village for one or two days and receives patients directly in the carriages.

It’s a joint project of Russian Railways and Krasnoyarsk Territory. Last year, the ‘St. Luke’ train visited 81 stations in Krasnoyarsk and received more than 12,000 people.

In 2024, Russian Railways plans to launch the ‘St. Panteleimon’ medical train, which will operate in the Far East. It will have carriages for radial, surgical, laboratory and functional diagnostics.

By the way, in addition to trains, Russian Railways also use automobiles to reach even more remote areas. They travel to the nearest station on a special carriage, where they are unloaded and then drive the rest of the way by road. In 2023, doctors treated 117,000 people, mostly in Siberia and the Far East, in such a way.

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