These incredible amber paintings are made by a Russian artist (PICS)

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum
Ten kilograms of semi-precious stones and amber - that's exactly what it took St. Petersburg artist Anastasia Nikiforova to create a panel based on Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece ‘Starry Night’.

Anastasia chose amber as the main material for her work not by chance. She knows the sun stone very well, thanks to her father, artist Alexander Zhuravlev, who supervised the works on the reconstruction of the famous Amber Room.

In her works, Nikiforova combines amber with mother-of-pearl, metal, wood, semi-precious stones and even paper. All of them, in her opinion, emphasize the natural beauty of the stone. The result are vivid sketches of nature, portraits and panels.

For example, for the portrait of an oriental beauty, she used mahogany, eco-beech, agate and poplar root. She also experiments, creating works based on works by Alphonse Mucha, Vincent Van Gogh, Miho Hirano and Karol Bak. 

You can see Anastasia Nikiforova's works at the‘Amber Poetics’ exhibition at the Kaliningrad Amber Museum until July 21, 2024.

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