Soviet sport through the eyes of artists (PICS)

In the USSR, healthy lifestyles and sports were actively promoted. After all, a Soviet man had to be strong and hardy in order to work well and benefit society.

Alexander Samokhvalov. Girl with Shot Put, 1933

Alexander Deineka. Goalkeeper, 1934

Sergey Luchishkin. Parade at Dynamo Stadium, 1936-37

Vladimir Proshkin. Paratroopers (in the air), 1937

Viktor Midler. Ice-hockey on the CSKA-Stadium in Moscow, 1930s

Alexander Deineka. The Relay Race on the Ring B, 1947

Alexander Deineka. Basketball, 1950s

Gennady Brusentsov. Soccer player, 1955

Vladimir Kutilin. Waverunner, 1959

Irina Shevandronova. At chess, 1965

Andrey Bliok. Festival of the North in Kirovsk, 1972

Anatoly Nikich. Just married, 1977

Sofija Veiverytė. Fencers, 1971

Boris Talberg. Gymnasts, 1971

Vera Mylnikova. Tennis player, 1979

Viktor Donskoy. Group portrait of the USSR national fencing team, Engraving

Sergei Sherstyuk. Arcadia, 1985

Some of these paintings will be on display at the Tretyakov Gallery within the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Moscow sports (September 14, 2023 - January 14, 2024).

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